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May 2 / southwesttransmissions

Car Rentals and Age

As you probably know if you’re keeping up with the blogs of car people, the ability to rent a car is available to you. What you may not know if you’ve never done it, however, is that there are some things you want to keep in mind regarding your age when considering it:
Many places will let you rent a car at 21 or older. Some places will let you go as low as 18, however, for most companies any age under 25 will tack on additional fees. This is due to basic statistics regarding car accidents. In short, the rental companies don’t want you totalling their cars or any other kinds of things you could end up doing to them. This also means that to remedy the potential costs of accidents, additional insurance options go up (consequently scaring away young potential car renters, so the companies actually save doing this). Rental companies don’t want to pay for additional damages to their vehicles, so you may be better off finding a friend until you hit that 25 mark.

Apr 20 / southwesttransmissions

Power Steering

Instead of having to wrestle with a steering wheel, power steering systems were invented that use fluids to encourage the wheels to turn with significantly less effort. Using a pump system, it feeds hydraulic fluids at different pressures based on the speed of the car. Using sophisticated but simple mechanisms, the car can actually tell what it needs to do based on the way the driver is moving the steering wheel. If the driver doesn’t want the steering wheel to turn, the hydraulic pressure will cease entirely.

Apr 12 / southwesttransmissions

Automatic Transmissions and Long Trips

Before you go on a long trip, it’s always a good idea to go through a checklist of things you need to take care of with your car: tire pressure, oil, etc. Here’s a quick and easy guide to checking your transmission fluid on an automatic car: Read more…